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Experience sound the way it was meant to be!

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Bentley Acoustics is a proudly South African brand exclusive to the South African market, with the goal of bringing the joy back to your favourite music and movies in a handcrafted package that represents excellent value.


Founded by audio enthusiast Vaughan Bentley with a lifelong passion for great sound, we have employed one of SA’s best speaker designers to create our initial range the 100 and 200 Series, which consists of 12 speakers that represents excellent value for money with a sound signature that is best described as being rich, detailed, lively and warm.


In the 100 Series development we set ourselves the goal of beating international competitors offerings that cost up to 4 times as much and once you hear them you will be amazed by what we’ve achieved.


It's easy building an expensive speaker, it's easy building an inexpensive speaker, on the other hand it’s very hard building an affordable speaker which sounds and performs better than its more expensive counterpart - and that is exactly what we did.


Whether you choose our biggest speaker or the smallest, rest assured that you will enjoy sound the way it was meant to be.

contact  us

Screenshot 2024-01-27 194823.jpg

28 Aalwyn Crescent



South Africa

TEL : 012 653 5319
Cell : 083 3025230

SKYPE : Dreamerm6

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