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Since 1994 Vaughan Bentley has been involved in building custom speakers at affordable prices. In January 2017 he noticed that local speaker prices are just too expensive and decided to design a more affordable range of speakers (called the 100 series) for the South African market, able to compete with the best brands even twice as expensive! 

With the help of crossover designer Rudi Marloth, (arguably the best speaker designer in SA with 30 years experience)  we took some of the best brands available locally at a price point of anything below R30000 such as Klipsch R28F, Sonus Faber Principai 7, B&W 683S2, Kef Q700, Polk S60, Monitor Audio Bronze 6, Jamo C97 and Dali senzor 7s. We stripped them down and measured them  from top to bottom in a sound lab with calibrated microphones  to see why some sound better than others. Comparing cabinet design, driver response , frequency response and off course the heart of a speaker, the crossover. Finally we chose a winner based on all the above tests and countless listening sessions, and then .. We created a speaker even better.

Speakers are more than just music playing from it, it has to be smooth, balanced, detailed and focused, it has to have soul. This is the only way how you can truly experience music the way it is meant to be and enjoy the whole musical experience.


When international brands design an entry level speaker they are in effect in competition with themselves, they can never let their entry level speakers sound as good as their high end speakers because then no one will buy the high end equipment, same as BMW ,for example, can not make a 318i as good as a M3.  At Bentley acoustics we don't have this problem and decided to make the 100 series and the new R-series as good as we possibly could, using 16mm MDF padded cabinets with anti resonating bracing, high quality Canadian designed transducers and tweeters from the best in the world - Peerless by Tymphany! All these components combined with a superbly well tuned crossover gives you a speaker in a class of its own!  Smooth, detailed, well balanced and warm.  Not bright,  not shouty , not muddy , just perfectly balanced right across 30hz up to 25000hz.

Just listen!

vaughan face.JPG
Vaughan Bentley
Founder and Principal
Rudi Marloth
Design Engineer

About me :

Since 1994, HiFi / Music and Video technology has been my passion.  As owner, I personally  attend to every single client walking through my doors, whether you are buying a R3000 demo amp or a R80000 top of the range receiver!

For me it has never been about the profit or the sale, but rather the enjoyment, experience, service and best value for money, while making new friends and building customer relationships in the process.

Honesty, experience and professional guidance is what I offer free of charge!  When you are happy, I am happy!

Lets enjoy music together!

About me :

Innovative product and marketing professional with leadership, execution and consulting experience in the digital domain.

Successful history of delivering an extensive portfolio of business and technology solutions for recognized global brands. Exceptional and unique ability to think outside-the-box, work across multiple generations and cultures with varying levels of experience and enthusiasm. 

quality  parts

Why we use Tweeters by Peerless of Tymphany:

Tymphany was founded in 2004, but our roots date back to 1926 when Peerless was founded in Denmark. Many of our drivers have become industry benchmarks, and we continue to deliver market-leading products for some of the biggest brands across the globe.

We engineer our drivers reliably, with quality components that are tested to rigorous performance standards. This is what makes your products sound good, and us feel good. It’s also the reason why customers the world over look to us for audio solutions – no matter the specifications or the application.

Click on a driver family below for more information.

With extensive resources and a global engineering team, we have deep expertise across the entire signal chain, enabling us to deliver products that offer unique combinations of user experiences and features not achieved by other audio ODMs. Our abilities stretch beyond audio, as we are always investing in technologies that enable emerging applications.

We are one of the most vertically integrated audio ODM’s in the industry – our manufacturing service capabilities include tooling, injection molding, electronics manufacturing, customization, final assembly, and beyond.


Peerless by Tymphany BC25TG15-04 1" Silk Dome Tweeter


Clarity without harshness :

A good speaker should be clear and sharp without being harsh. Most of today's entry level sub $1000 speakers use cheaper more affordable transducers to cut on costs. These cheaper low end tweeters will never be able to sound smooth and crisp without being harsh and bright.  You can never cut back on quality when it comes to the drivers used in a quality speaker, even entry level speakers must be balanced and smooth, that is why Bentley acoustics use Danish designed tweeters from Peerless by Tymphany, because they are the best in the world.



Separation :

There should always be a clean and distinctive separation of frequencies in a speaker.

Imagine 3 fruits 

a) Apple (bass - low frequencies 20hz - 800hz)

b) Pear (midrange - medium frequencies 800 to 4000hz)

c) Banana (highs - frequencies 4000 to 20000hz)

If each fruit is consumed separately they each have their own individual unique taste and texture, when they are all thrown in a blender, the tastes are still there but its a mixture (muddy) uncontrolled blend of tastes and textures.  The same with a speaker, the separation of sounds should be well balanced to avoid a muddy or dull experience. There should always be a clear difference between the various sounds and instruments, that is why we have some of the best crossovers in the world, tuned to absolute perfection.

Bass / Midbass Drivers by Canadian design SWANS

  • Symmetrical Motor Drive (SMD) reduces distortion

  • Advanced magnesium/aluminum alloy cone provides optimal stiffness and damping

  • Hi-temp voice coil and former for high power handling

  • Magnetically shielded

  • Dynamic, accurate performance

FS-250 4-way Crossover

Swans Speaker Systems Inc. ... Swans / HiVi 's own technologies, such as the legendary planar ribbon tweeters, are used worldwide by globally recognized high-end speaker manufacturers. Many well-known speakerbrands have their chassis or complete loudspeakers produced or partially developed at Swans / HiVi.


With a 25 year history of acoustical engineering, Swan Speakers knows good sound. No matter what kind of speaker from our lineup, we all focus on one thing - Amazing Sound.

200 series
More refined more detail.

In the 200 series we use the best off course, SB Acoustics drivers from DENMARK.


Built from the foundation of a company with decades of manufacturing experience and partnered with an engineering group touted for their revolutionary designs.

SB Acoustics was formed to bring an alternative to the hi-end transducer market.

Marrying the design talents of Danesian Audio( Denmark ), a company filled with industry veterans, responsible for many well known and revolutionary designs, and manufacturing partner Sinar Baja Electric ( Indonesia ), a vertically integrated company with more than 27 years of transducer manufacturing experience.

We feel we have been able to create an affordable line of products, without compromising acoustic performance for cost. Ultimately, we invite you to judge.

fs250 matt black.jpg
fs250 freq response2 .jpg
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