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100  -  series

With our initial range the 100 Series, which consists of seven speakers that represents excellent value for money with a sound signature that is best described as being rich, detailed, lively and warm.


In the 100 Series development we set ourselves the goal of beating international competitors offerings that cost up to 4 times as much, and once you hear them you will be amazed by what we’ve achieved.

bentley back 2a.jpg
RB2 Black front1.jpg
RB2 Black front1.jpg
reference  -  series

The all new improved R-series with a brand new crossover and tweeter with SFD technology will still deliver those highs you love but with more control and smoothness.

The R-series is the replacement for the 100 series which were already unbeatable. We just took something great and made it better! Sensitivity boosted by 1 to 3 dbs and so much smoother.

bentley back 6a.jpg
200 -  series

High end reference quality speakers made affordable.


A perfect symbiosis of components and style to pamper the ears and eyes in equal measure.

The loudspeakers of the 200 reference series combine high quality components to form a coherent overall concept that is acoustically beautiful. 

These are for the audiophile who is serious about music.

bentley back 2a.jpg
300 Series

In development

In ceiling / Atmos

We have the perfect solution for Rear/Atmos speakers.

High detail , full range sound in ceiling speakers available in two sizes : 6" and 8"

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