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Jason Willemse

Bentley speakers... never owned any, and never heard them either. 

So how is it then, that I’m now sitting listening to a pair in my own beloved stereo room?

Carl Koen

For the last couple of years I had been running a Marantz 5006 with Infinity Beta 10 and Beta 50s accompanied by a Jamo Sub 360 and Infinity Kappa center. Needless to say...

Morne Syffert

Let's start with the FR100 bookshelf's. Out the box they  impress, heavy and not small at all, built quality is good for a speaker in...

Werner Smith

This is the speaker that grabbed by initial interest. I was not in the market for new speakers at all, very satisfied with what I had to be honest. I mostly made use of my surround sound, which relies...

Bernhard Rüsch

I took it upon myself to review the Bentley fs120 speakers because I have not read a somewhat comprehensive review and thought this might be helpful to those who are...

Steve Paans

I hooked them up to the Yamaha RX-A2070, changed the impedance to 6 Ohms, ran the YPAO (automatic configuration) 8 positions, allowed it to calibrate, set it up as a 9.1 channel...

Rainer Schulz

We then went to the cinema room, where I listened to a set of the FR100 bookshelf speakers in direct comparison to a set of R10k Monitor Audio bookshelf speakers...


100's of comments and reviews from people ...
5 Star product!


Andre Vermeulen

The speakers arrived very safely packaged,foam all around and in a plastic sleeve with thin foam wrap.Binding posts are decent quality plated items with transparent...

Piero Botha

I always believe that the best review for a speaker is a recommendation...  So here is my recommendation :

Heine Streicher

I have a decent stereo system and music is my first love.


But dang I also love movies. So as some of you who have visited me before know, I converted...

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