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Steve Paans

Please see it as positive feed back and not as a “winger” from my side, I do believe, and have faith, along with R&D that the Bentley’s will be a force to be reckoned with in the not too distant future. 

Now for the nitty gritty 😊 I was skeptical about buying these speakers, being new, untried, untested and at a price tag more than what I wanted to spend. Anyway I bit the bullet and purchased them.

I hooked them up to the Yamaha RX-A2070, changed the impedance to 6 Ohms, ran the YPAO (automatic configuration) 8 positions, allowed it to calibrate, set it up as a 9.1 channel system(small 8” sub), FS150 as front speakers, FS120 as rears, the FR100 as surrounds, the FC150 as centre and 2 B&W 602’s as front presence speakers, then fine-tuned settings etc. and then the fun started.

I chose a couple of songs to listen to through the 4K Blu-ray player connected through the amp and the 4K HDR TV. All songs have been recoded to 5.1 and 7.1 channel using Nero and DTS Master Audio.

Song 1 – For voice clarity and a little acoustic – Darius Rucker – Let her cry - The Song On Youtube 

Song 2 – Acoustics, Instruments, orchestral stuff - The Lion King - Hans Zimmer - Lebo M in the Vienna Concert Hall - The Song On Youtube 

Song 3 – The same as no.2 with some more depth and clarity - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly - The Danish National Symphony Orchestra (Live) - The Song On Youtube 

Song 4 – Guitar playing, vocals - Metallica -/ Nothing Else Matters [Live Nimes 2009] - The Song On Youtube 

Song 5 – Drums, percussion, vocals etc - Snow Patrol Reworked - Chasing Cars Live at the Royal Albert Hall - The Song On Youtube 

Song 6 – Commercial pop - Imagine Dragons - Shots (Live) - The Song On Youtube 

Song 7 – Some whistling, Vocals, singing from the crowd - Scorpions - Wind Of Change (MTV Unplugged in Athens!) - The Song On Youtube 

Song 8 – One of the best to test any system – The Eagles Hotel California 

Well to put it bluntly, I was almost blown off my chair, the FS150 really give the oomph and clarity, mids are great, the highs are clear and precise,
The FS150 – are large, very large, The sound quality offers close to the holy trinity of sound quality, well to my ears that is, full punchy bass, expressive midrange and airy highs. The bass response is deep and a sub-woofer is not necessary. These speakers have “balls “ without any distortion, trust me they can play loud. 

The FC 150 - is a large centre speaker can be difficult to place, will block the screen if in front of the TV, I eventually mounted the TV on the wall and placed the speaker on top of the console. The FC150 adds a lot more depth and clarity to movies and songs. There’s a sound experience here that punches well above its budget-friendly price tag, dialogues (vocals) are also clear and precise. 

The FR100 - Excellent sound, clean and crisp. Crank them up and no problems. An amazingly robust sound spectrum from these guys. Wall mounting them can be a problem as they are big and heavy for their size. 

FS120 - The sound is effortlessly clear and clean, with superlative dynamics that translate directly from these speakers using them as rears, running subtlety in the background filling the room with extra sounds, acoustics etc. 
Playing all of the songs above it felt I was in a live concert, unbelievable sound, even my mates were blown away. As you say Vaughan it’s very difficult building affordable speakers which sound and perform like their expensive counterparts - and that is exactly what I did." I couldn’t agree with you more. 

I was in Audiophile Heaven !! 

Seriously “Awesome bang for Buck” I am so ecstatic that I have bought them, probably have listened to almost 120 hrs of sheer Bliss !! I smile every time I play them 😊 
One very happy audiophile !

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