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Greg  Naidoo

Dear Bentley-Acoustics,


I purchased the FS150’s from a strong recommendation of a dealer that I trust in JHB. I have never even heard of the brand before but I took the plunge over a set of B&W 603 S3’s that I heard recently.


I connected the FS150s directly to my Marantz PM14 amp and set them up in an “equilateral triangle” shape in line with my listening position. I honestly didn’t expect much as it was significantly cheaper than the 603s. So here goes…


I played Celine Dion – You make me Feel

(Don’t judge a brother ;-))


From the 1st second, I thought it was a different song. I frowned in concentration. I restarted it, just to make sure it was the correct track. I sat there, stunned…


Goosebumps starting going through my legs and arms as the song played. I listened… I paused the track. I then poured a glass of Rupert and Rothschild Classique, and went back to the couch. I resumed. I sipped the ruby red liquid and let Celine carry on her one sided conversation with me.. The song peaked and she hit those highs, at this point I almost spilt the grape-juice! The drums and the instruments sounded like an orchestra in my living room. Her voice sounded brand new! I then restarted the song again as I was now getting “greedy”! I needed to hear if these speakers were only able to do this at “acceptable” volumes.


I took the PM14 to the 1 o clock position and let the song play again. At this point, I FELT the music and could hear it at the same time. The bass made my living room feel like something that should be measured on a Richter scale. The FS150s are arrogant, they know that they are the BOMB and if you push them, they will show you why you shouldn’t mess with them. The bass is not Boomy! It is glorious – it MOVES you and backs up the music beautifully!


I then switched off the system and just stared at these speakers. They are “pretty”. They are unassuming! They are just amazing! If I had to personify these beauties, I would compare them to Liz Hurley in Bedazzled. Innocent, Unassuming, will give you anything you can dream off, but equally, it has that devilish undertone that reeks with power and arrogance at the highest level!


Best Speakers I have ever owned and that’s where I will stop… For now. J



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