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200 - series

Detailed, fast and dynamic, our 200 series speaker line developed for the audio connoisseur delivers a musical performance of international brands at three times more expensive.  In concept, construction and sound, the 200 Series has been designed to deliver performance to enjoy for a lifetime at a fraction of the cost you would normally pay for speakers which can deliver like the 200's.

Not compromising costs on transducers we selected the best possible match from danish designed SB-Acoustics coupled with a tweeter from with Peerless of Tymphany giving unmatched performance in quality and sound reproduction.


The 200 series is simply in a class above the rest. The sound quality and reviews speak for itself.  Now South Africans can experience    R80 000 and above sound for a fraction of the price!  Finishes, available in a choice of Matt black or white.  

fr - 200


fs - 250


fc - 250

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