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Bentley Acoustics RB-1


When space is a problem, we have you covered!  This little monster is perfect for a tight spaces .  The all-new RB-1 Reference series speaker from Bentley Acoustics won't disappoint especially at the price point.

With its improved sensitivity and 2-way 4" aluminium magnesium power driver design, this speaker performs like none other whether for music or movies with natural lifelike precision.

Bass frequency range as low as 65hz.  Superb natural, clean mid-range with crystal clear, smooth detailed highs. Perfect for ATMOS / REAR / PRECENSE.

RB1 - Balanced sound signature with good bass response, suitable for various music genres. The RB1 is the smallest bookshelf model in the Reference range, designed to fit on stands, bookshelves, or furniture.

Retail : R3995
RB1 office 2.jpg

Perfect for your office, small and compact with BIG sound.

  1. Size: Opt for bookshelf speakers that fit well in your office space. Speakers that are too large may overwhelm the room, while overly small ones might lack presence. Aim for a balanced size.

  2. Sound Quality: Even though these speakers are compact, they should deliver clear and detailed sound. Look for models with good bass response to enhance your music listening experience.

  3. Budget: Bookshelf speakers come in a range of prices. Choose speakers that align with your budget and requirements.


Now, let’s explore some excellent options for small office spaces:

  1. Bentley Acoustics RB1

rb1 kitchen small.jpg

System Type : 2-way rear ported bass reflex design .
Power Handling: 20-13
0W (100 Nominal)
Impedance: 6 Ohm
Frequency Response: 65hz - 30Khz
Sensitivity: 90db

Driver Configuration :

  • Horn frame diameter: 98MM

  • Soft Dome-shaped Diaphragm Tweeter Speaker

1 x 4" Aluminium Magnesium M4N Woofer (Mid Bass)
1 x 1" RB1 Silk Dome Tweeter 

Weight: 2.9kg Nett  -  Dimensions: 160 x 270 x 180

Perfect for Dolby Atmos/DTS - front high / rear hight.

Rb1 lounge.JPG
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