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reference   series

Balanced, smooth and precise.

How can you improve on a speaker already as good as the predecessor 100 series?  You add a better tweeter and fine tune the acoustic sound signature.

Bentley Acoustics R-series offers a dynamic crossover incorporated with Sound wave refraction tweeter design.  This makes the tweeter crystal clear but with smooth highs only expected from speakers at thrice the price.


Dynamic, smoothness, precision and control is what makes the R series destroy the competition, nothing can compete with these to produce a natural lifelike experience from the bass, the vocals and the detailed highs. The R series will transcend the expectations of its price class and eclipse speakers even at double the price point.

The R-series Bentley's  are tuned to perfection to produce a total harmonic experience from 30hz right through to 30000hz!


The R series is simply in a class of its own.  Stop the chaos, madness and noise, sit down, keep quit, and  JUST LISTEN. 

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rb - 2

rb - 1

ra - 1

rf - 2


rf - 3


rc - 1

rc - 2

rc - 3


rc - 4


Available colours (special order)

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