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Bentley Acoustics RC-3 


Bentley Acoustics RC-3 centre channel speaker with its improved sensitivity is an absolute must for any multichannel Home Theatre system, in both small and large rooms. With its unique 3-way full rage speaker design it is able to make vocals sound natural, smooth and life like.  Using 5 drivers to maximize efficiency - 2 dedicated midbass drivers - 2 full range drivers tuned to deliver the best vocals and a sound refraction design soft dome tweeter to minimize harshness. 

System Type : 3-way Vented bass - reflex design (or closed for more forward projection)
Power Handling: 40-150W   -  Impedance: 6 Ohm
Frequency Response: 60hz - 30Khz   -  Sensitivity: 92db

Driver Configuration :
2 x 4" Aluminium Magnesium M4N Woofer (low/Mid Bass)
2 x 4" Aluminium Magnesium B4N (B4N - Full range) Dedicated Midrange
1 x 1" Horn frame soft dome - diameter: 102MM
Weight: 6kg Nett   -  Dimensions: 650 x 210 x 150mm

Retail : R6995

Bentley Acoustics RC-3 Tweeter

  • Horn frame diameter: 102MM

  • Dome-shaped Diaphragm Tweeter Speaker

  • Sound Refraction Design Technology

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