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Bentley Acoustics RC-4 


Bentley Acoustics RC-4 centre channel speaker with its improved sensitivity is an absolute must for any multichannel Home Theatre system, in both medium and large rooms and especially in dedicated cinemas.

Bentley Acoustics RC-4 centre channel speaker was designed with one thing in mind, the best possible cinema sound experience!
With a PURE crossover design and a 4-way setup utilizing 2 full range B4N 4" aluminium magnesium drivers ,  two 4" M4N midbass drivers and two 5" M5N  bass drivers , and off course, the anti refraction soft dome 1" Tweeter .

While the B4N focuses  on a natural smooth tone of voice running the full spectrum (80hz to 15Khz) the M4N drivers add the ever so slightly deeper frequencies and the M5N gives the natural fast deeper bass, that typical of the award winning FR100 bookshelf speakers.

This truly amazing , most natural sounding centre channel speaker is the best in its class and nothing even comes close, not even at 4 times more expensive! An absolute must have for the home cinema enthusiast who wants the most realistic and accurate vocal reproduction possible!

Retail : R11995

Bentley Acoustics RC-3 Tweeter

  • Horn frame diameter: 102MM

  • Dome-shaped Diaphragm Tweeter Speaker

  • Sound Refraction Design Technology

RC4 1 3-2149427990.jpg

System Type : 4-way Vented bass reflex design
Power Handling: 40-200W   -  Impedance: 6 Ohm
Frequency Response: 55hz - 25Khz   -  Sensitivity: 92db

Driver Configuration :
2 x 4" Aluminium Magnesium M4N Woofer (lMid Bass)
2 x 4" Aluminium Magnesium B4N Dedicated Midrange

2 x 5" Aluminium Magnesium M5N woofers (Low bass)
1 x 1" RC3 Silk Dome Tweeter

Weight: 15kg Nett   -  Dimensions: 1000 x 300 x 180mm

RC4 112.jpg
The Bentley Acoustic RC-4 is designed to fill large rooms and cinemas with clear audible vocals. Quality sound is something we don't skimp on - EVER!
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