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Bernhard Rüsch

I took it upon myself to review the Bentley fs120 speakers because I have not read a somewhat comprehensive review and thought this might be helpful to those who are in the market for new speakers or, would like to improve on what they have.  

Without giving away too much, I am very impressed and would recommend these in a heartbeat to anyone, even to those decernend individuals. 

So first off, unwrapping these speakers, you can see that great care has been taken to protect the speakers during transport. After removing the packaging a bag of bronze coloured screws with rounded but pointy ends, these are the "feet" that the speaker will stand on. Most people reading this will probably know that this is one of the hallmarks of a high end speaker.  Two plugs at the back, around 20cm from the bottom of the speaker, provide connectivity. These are compatible with the banana-style plugs or if you just have plain cables with expoSed tips, these will be able to clamp the wires down securely.  

After the last plastic is removed the beauty of the speaker is not to be overlooked. Whether you like seeing the 3 sexy rose-gold coloured alloy speakers or the professional look of of the dust covers, this speaker looks the part and will put some of the 'big brands' to shame. 

After I rigged these speakers up to my somewhat aged, but still good and trustworthy Yamaha RX-V1065 Amplifier: 

Firstly we will listen to some music: 
One can clearly distinguish and hear each instrument when you close your eyes and you almost feel like you are sitting right next to the orchestra.  

The voice is clear and the high pitched vocalist will not make your ears bleed, the sound is true and not overcompensating in one area over another.  

When listening to pop, house and hip hop, you can hear solid bass on the beat, good clean vocals and those fine fidgety and background filler sounds come through clearly, but not overbearing. Even at high volume you can see the drivers thumping back and forth but I couldn't make the speaker distort after giving them the full 105watts my amp has to offer. 

After watching my favourite scene in Deadpool (the first one) one loud, but still comfortable level, I found that the vocals from my Polk tsx150 centre wasn't being overpowered by the main Bentley Fs120's front speakers and did not have to make any adjustments. The action scene lends itself nicely to do tests with because there are lots of different sound effects. All of these different sound effects are brought to life in vivid fashion. Even after seeing this scene almost 30 times already I can just watch it over and over again because I can't get enough of the almost life like sound effects!  I found myself wondering if I forgot the subwoofer on, but having the amp set to pure, it will only use the two front speakers. I can honestly say that you really don’t need a subwoofer if you have a pair of these speakers, the bass is just the right amount, not too little, not too much.  

If I had to compare the speaker to another brand it would sound similar to a Sonus Faber speaker. You probably think, who is this guy, comparing a speaker priced in the entry level position and comparing it with one of the most exclusive speaker brands out there, which cost several times more, but its true.. 

If you haven't gotten the message already, I am totally in awe at the level of sound that these speakers will bring into your House! If you don’t believe me, go hit up your closest retailer, ask them to listen to their best speaker for general use and compare!  

My verdict: Go buy immediately!!!

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